How to do yoga and weight lifting Supersets


Supersets are exercises that are done in quick succession with minimal or no rest between them. Weightlifting supersets focus on a number of exercises that are meant to save time in the gym thereby reducing rest periods between exercises. 

On the other hand, yoga involves a series of exercises that incorporate breathing techniques, body stretches, meditation, and body postures. Today we will focus on how to incorporate yoga into weight lifting supersets.

Some of the most common yoga poses that you can incorporate into weight lifting include:

  • Standings

  • Inversions

  • Balance Poses

  • Forward Bends

  • Backward Bends

During weight lifting exercises, most people will tend to take a break before doing their next set to cool their bodies. However, during this rest period, yoga supersets can be introduced so that there is minimal wasted time. You could do simple body stretches as you wait for the next set of weight lifting exercises.

Yoga supersets will make you more flexible as you go into the next set of weight lifting exercises. This is achieved through a routine of yoga postures combined with deep breaths, which help to stretch and lengthen your muscles within a range of motions helping you to increase your body flexibility. Flexibility is also achieved by doing backward and forward bends.

Doing a bench press


The bench press exercise is intended to develop the muscles of the upper body, which include the chest, shoulders, the back, gluteus, and even triceps. The bench press should be carried out in the right manner and technique in order to yield the best results. This can be done by bringing in the techniques of yoga such as forward bends to help you relieve the tension on your back. Then you can perform the standing bend after your first set of bench press exercises.


Lat Pull-downs


This exercise targets your upper back and at the same time, it brings stability to your core. While doing the exercise you can bring in the forward bend. Sit down with your legs in a V shape for about 30 sec before moving to the next set.


Dumbbell incline press


This exercise focuses on the pectoral muscles just slightly under the collarbones. Just as the name suggests this exercise is carried out at some angle of inclination. You can perform the static warrior pose for each leg for about 30 seconds, which will help to strengthen and relax your muscles, improve their flexibility and endurance. Finally, you can also do the upward and the downward-facing dog poses to stretch and strengthen the muscles of your whole body.


Seated row


The seated row exercise targets the back muscles and other body muscles like the triceps and the biceps. As you perform this exercise, you can also incorporate yoga poses such as cobra SR that help to:

  • Make your spine stronger.

  • Improve your flexibility.

  • Stretch your shoulders, chest, abdomen, and lungs.

  • Other poses that you could also do include the shoulder SR, and plow poses.

As we have seen above, it is possible to perform yoga poses and at the same time to carry out weight lifting supersets. The combination of yoga poses and weightlifting supersets will not only help you save time but also it will enable you to be more efficient in your weight lifting workouts. Plus, you can still wear cute yoga leggings. Have fun!

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