Cow Pose

The cow pose is also known as Bitilasana. It is an excellent starting yogic pose for a yoga session as it activates the entire body along with the spine and torso. It also helps to strengthen your wrists and arms as both the body parts hold a good amount of body weight for a stretched duration. 

How To Perform The Pose

  1. Step 1 – To start the pose, keep your hands and knees in a position that resembles a “tabletop position.” Make sure that your knees are placed directly below your hips, and your shoulders and your elbows lie perpendicular on the ground. Keep your head in a neutral posture while looking at the ground.
  2. Step 2 – While inhaling, lift up your hip bones as well as your chest toward the roof, placing your abdomen in a sunken position toward the ground. By gradually lifting your head, look straight toward the forward. 
  3. Step 3 – While exhaling, return to the initial “tabletop posture” on your hands and knees. Repeat all the steps for around ten to 20 times. 
  4. Step 4 – You might pair the posture with the cat pose while exhaling in order to benefit from a gentle vinyasa.


Helps to stretch your neck as well as the front of your torso

Imparts a gentle massage for the organs of your abdomen as well as the spine

Works as an excellent stress buster

Works amazingly as a starting pose while planning a yoga session as it gets the spine active

Mistakes And Contradictions

If you suffer from a neck injury, while performing this pose, it is important to maintain an in-line position of your head with your torso. It would be best if you took good care of your neck while practicing the pose such that it doesn’t get injured. In order to do the same, gradually drop down your shoulders far away from the ears. Make sure that you do not crunch the back of your neck as you lift your head to look up. Make sure to use a yoga mat so that you do not end up injuring either your knees or your palm. Also, keep a check on your palms being absolutely dry so that slips can be avoided.

How To Perform The Pose Perfectly

In order to perform the pose to perfection, it is first essential that you understand and get through with all the steps. You can use a mirror while performing the pose to check for yourself if the pose is being performed correctly. It will help you check if the alignment is correct. Last but not least, in order to make sure that the posture is perfected to the core, you can take the help of a trained yoga professional. The guidance of an expert will help you improve the posture and to get the most benefit out of it.

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