Cancer Patients Practicing Yoga

Cancer Patients Practicing Yoga

Experts believe that cancer patients who are practicing yoga can relive the symptoms and side effects related to the traditional form of treatment like radiation therapy and chemotherapy. When you are battling against the disease, there is a possibility that you will experience symptoms that are related with various cancer treatments. Whether you are currently experiencing severe pain due to the surgical treatment or fatigue and nausea because of radiation therapy, yoga will help you reduce the stress and pain from this trial.

How Yoga can Help Cancer Patients

Yoga can help relieve the stress and suffering that most of the cancer patients are going through. There are some yoga poses that are not too strenuous for the patients and can work in many ways. Here are some of the benefits provided by yoga.

Eliminate the Toxins

Yoga can help eliminate the toxins that are accumulated from the cancer treatment. The Yoga asanas will encourage the proper circulation of the blood and normalize the secretion of the hormones. It can also improve the lymphatic movement in our system which activates the body’s capacity to remove the toxins. The relaxing and deep breath can also help in improving nutrient absorption.

Reduce the Amount of Anxiety and Stress

Aside from eliminating the toxins out of our system, yoga can also help relieve a significant amount of anxiety and stress. This will help the patients with cancer to be more relaxed and improve their rate of recovery. In addition, the accrued stress can affect the body’s immunity which can decrease the body’s response on treatment. Study shows that cancer patients who practice yoga have a higher chance to recover from their condition.

Regular Exercise

Experts believe that regular exercise can increase our body’s defense mechanism against cancer. However, due to their condition, the strenuous form of exercise can add to the stress that they are experiencing. In case you are looking for the perfect alternative for your daily exercise, yoga is your best option. It is less strenuous, relaxing and it is a balanced-type of exercise. In fact, more medical experts are recommending yoga as a supplemental treatment for cancer.

Holistic Healing

Cancer patients who have to endure the treatment of chemotherapy or radiation therapy will need to improve their immune system, fortify their body to be at their best condition. Yoga can help you achieve that. In addition, yoga can also support the cancer survivors. For those who went in a surgical procedure, yoga will help you restore your flexibility and motion in a gentle and balanced manner.

Yoga will also help you achieve a state of calmness. Most people who practiced yoga have noticed subtle benefits that are apart from the most obvious benefits. They realized that their mental sharpness and alertness has increased, improved their weight management and increase their bone density. Remember that it is always essential to seek the help of the doctor if you want to add exercise in your daily routine if you are suffering from a certain medical condition. For yoga practitioners that are suffering from cancer, be sure to let an expert guide you. Some poses needs to be modified in order to suit your condition.

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