Benefits of Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is the motion of paying respects and gratitude to the Sun God, who bless the world and living beings with the vital energy force. Yoga’s finest course of 12 yoga asanas aligns your body, breathing, and mind. Performed mostly in the mornings, it invigorates the body and rejuvenates the mind. Surya Namaskar bestows you with the bubbling vigor that takes you through the day smoothly.

Benefits of Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation

Supports skin health: Who doesn’t want glowing, healthy skin? Yoga experts recommend Surya Namaskar for good skin health. This set of postures induces sweat that detoxifies the skin to prevent pimples. When these postures performed as part of a routine, skin-health can improve dramatically.

Weight loss: Sun salutation with all the twisting, stretching, and bending puts pressure on the stomach and waist area. The body movement induces a higher metabolism that helps to shed overall fat and ensure a flatter tummy for regular yogis. 

Develops the digestive system: Surya Namaskar expands and compresses all the body parts, including the stomach area. This helps to massage the gastrointestinal system, thus aiding digestion. Good digestion relates to good health. The regular practice of Surya Namaskar helps to prevent multiple disorders of the alimentary canal and improves bowel function.

Cares for the heart: Surya Namaskar regulates the heartbeat and blood flow in the body. Its detoxing properties help remove unwanted waste to safeguard the heart’s normal function. The exercise provides oxygen to all the body cells and tissues to deliver perfect good health. With its regular practice, the lymphatic system works better for the heart by battling foreign bodies and microorganisms.

Strengthens body frame: Regular Surya Namaskar performers benefit immensely from greater strength to the body’s joints and muscles. This helps to correct spinal problems, postural issues, and any problems with limbs. This exercise is good for the body’s overall flexibility. 

Corrects sleeping disorders: Sleeping disorders are very common for youngsters who stay awake late at night and seniors who find sleeping a big task. The practice of Surya Namaskar is incredibly calming for the body and mind, so you do not need drugs to sleep—just enjoy sound sleep. 

Controls nerves: These exercises stimulate the whole nervous system. The perfect functioning of nerves ensures that the whole system functions properly. This exercise improves brain centers and ensures overall physical well-being.

Regularizes the menstrual cycle: Surya Namaskar is a must for women who have irregular menstrual cycles. However, you need to discipline yourself to perform it religiously every morning to see positive results. Additionally, pregnant women who practice it every day, don’t seem to have physical issues during childbirth.

Control blood sugar & blood pressure: From ancient times, Indian yogis have tried this Surya salutation posture to control blood sugar & blood pressure levels and keep heart problems at bay. It is a perfect way to subdue anxiety as well. There is no reason why people cannot do the same today.

Yoga enthusiasts must include Surya Namaskar in their daily yoga classes, preferably outdoors at sunrise for maximum benefit.

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