6 Ways to Stay Comfortable During Yoga

Yoga is a fantastic workout and a great way to relax, but you will still want to make sure that you are comfortable during your practice. Follow our tips to make this as quick and easy as possible.

Wear the right outfit

You need to make sure that you are wearing something that you can move in. You don’t want tight clothing or anything with string ties. You should also avoid anything too baggy that will fall over your head, block your vision, or expose you. Well, fitted yoga pants with an elasticated waistband and a simple sports top will keep you comfortable and allow you to stretch freely. If you are worried about being too cold, pack a thin zip-up jacket that you can easily remove. If it’s a hot day, go for cropped leggings and a cropped top. Try to go to a yoga class in the morning, when it will be cooler.

Stay hydrated

Carry a good full water bottle with you for your workout and make sure you have hydrated before starting your practice. This will help your endurance as you move through poses. You may not want to eat a heavy meal before class, but a small healthy snack or a smoothie can give you the right energy.


Get the right mat

A yoga mat gives you the right platform for your yoga practice. We’ve all tried using a towel or blanket when traveling but it is certainly not the same as the grip you will get from a yoga mat. This will give you the confidence to move into poses without the fear that you are going to slip. The yoga mat will also give you a sense of spacing which will help your posture. 

Check your alignment

Make sure that you have followed the instructions of your teacher carefully to align each part of your body. Seek your teacher’s advice if you are not sure if you have got it right. If you are practicing at home, you may find practicing in a mirror or with a friend help to check your position. 

Use your breathing

Before trying yoga, most people can’t believe that their breathing can be quite so important to their stretches. But every yogi knows that when they accidentally hold their breath or don’t regulate their breathing, every pose becomes more difficult. Breathe into your poses and this will not only keep you comfortable but allow you to push further into the stretch. 

Rest if you need to

Listen to your body. If you need to rest, take the opportunity. Yoga is not a competition and it is not about pushing yourself to reach poses that seem impossible to you. Yoga is all about going as far as you can and accepting your limitations. Move into child’s pose or simply rest on your mat if you cannot complete the movement. 

With these simple changes, you’ll never have to worry about being uncomfortable during yoga again!

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